About Rocket:

Rocket is a medium-sized female heading dog puppy, aged 7 months.


Rocket is a 7-month-old tri-coloured, rough coated, prick-eared heading bitch. She was the runt of a litter from very strong working parents. I took her in at the age of about 12 weeks, when she was about half the size of her litter mates. I was hoping to train her for work, but she has shown no interest in working sheep at this stage.

She is bright, clever, and quite bossy when playing with my 3-year-old bitch. Rocket is very friendly, and likes to be involved in whatever is going on.

I have taken her with my other dogs, running beside my bicycle, my quad bike and when riding my horse for up to three hours over farmland. She is not afraid of the horse, but seems nervous around cattle.

She has learned her manners and knows to ‘yield ground’ when asked. She comes when called and is otherwise obedient. She knows the ‘wait’ then ‘get through’ commands around gateways.
She is curious about my cat, and really only wants to play with her.

Is Rocket used to children? Yes
Is Rocket used to cats? Yes
Is Rocket toilet-trained? No
Is Rocket used to stock? Yes.
Is Rocket used to chickens? No
How well does Rocket get on with other dogs? OK
Rocket lives in New Plymouth
A bit about Rocket’s personality:

Rocket is generally bold and very friendly. She is a bright spark and loves action. She has been intimidated by big aggressive dogs, but otherwise seems very confident, when playing.

She can be an escape artist, if the opportunity arises, but lives in a kennel with a run beside my other dogs. She can also be tied up with a chain.

She would make a great pet as long as she was given plenty of exercise and attention.

About me:

My name: Anna Hardwick-Smith.
My e-mail address: annahs1410@gmail.com.
My phone number: 0274489669


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