“Rocky”, Hope

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Rocky is currently on a training course with THE NELSON ARK. He will be fostered while completing the course and afterwards until he is adopted. Before this, this beautiful boy was in the Tasman Pound in the South Island where he had been waiting for a home for a while.

This is what the Tasman Pound has to say about him:

Rocky is a large mixed breed dog, probably part boxer, bully, mastiff and goodness knows what else! He’s around 2 years old and weighs almost 30 Kilos.

Rocky is a shy dog and he needs to get to know people before he trusts them. We feel he’d make a great companion dog as he follows you around to see what you’re doing and keep you company. He likes chasing the ball and Rocky’s a great sniffer. He’s easy to walk on a harness, he does need one though as he doesn’t appear to have ever been on a lead. He sniffs everything, Rocky has a lot of interest in the world around him!

Rocky doesn’t appear to have had much experience with the world, he jumps at loud or sudden noises, quick movements or bangs so he needs to find a home without children. We think Rocky will change as he gains confidence and learns to trust people. At the moment though he’s a very worried dog, he’s just lost his mate who he was very close to (she has found a new home) and he takes new things carefully. This is likely to change as he gains confidence!

You can watch Rocky on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiD1Gzbx5I0 – just copy and paste the url into your browser or search for ‘Tasman Pound dog Rocky’.

Rocky was assessed last week by Sue from Dog Almighty and came through with excellent results.

Rocky is desexed, vaccinated and microchipped. We ask for a donation of $120.00 towards his vet bills (more if you can afford it!).

If you want to meet with Rocky call Deb on 0220 803 599. We can bring him out for an interview if you wish.