About Rosie:

Rosie is a medium-sized, female Heading Dog, aged 5 years old.


We adopted Rosie from a sheep farm when she was 2 years old. She was trained for working sheep but simply wasn’t interested and more human focused – she seems more suitable for couch life than a hard working life.
Growing up on a farm, she was never properly socialised with other dogs outside of the pack, which has turned out to be very difficult in a more residential environment. Over time, she has become more and more protective of us which led to aggressive behaviour towards strangers or other dogs approaching us and made ‘normal’ dog walking impossible.
When introduced properly to other people and if they mainly ignore her, she is fine with them and is very friendly towards people she knows, especially females.
We think she might be ok with other dogs as long as they are part of the family and she can get used to them. But she is very unfriendly with dogs she doesn’t know, especially if they approach us (the owners).
She seems ok with older children who can respect she is not a typical cuddle dog but she’s unsure about toddlers so I don’t think young children would be suitable.
She adores cats, also loves to herd them unfortunately, but only in a slightly annoying way, never violent. Would be great with a confident cat who isn’t bothered by her constant staring.
We haven’t seen her around free range chickens (only separated by a fence). She seemed interested and a bit scared. She has no hunting instinct whatsoever, so I doubt she would harm any chickens.
Rosie is incredibly smart, and very eager to please. She is very easily trained and loves learning new tricks. She would do well in agility, she enjoyed similar exercises (but not with other dogs). She knows loads of commands/tricks, e.g. sit, down, stay, stand, crawl, hop/jump, spin, play dead, push (a ball), give paw, high five/ten, belly up (for rubs), go toilet, on your bed, leave it, walk, free, … it’s been so easy teaching her things. She is used to whistle commands too.
Unfortunately, despite a lot of training, we weren’t able to get her used to other dogs on walks which has made it very hard to exercise her, which in turn triggered her anxieties and aggression more. We have a little one on the way, and feel like we simply can’t focus as much energy on her as needed to keep her calm in certain situations.
It absolutely breaks our hearts as she has been a part of our family for 3 years now, and she is a very loving, intelligent, obedient (mostly), and often hilariously goofy dog.
Rosie will be a great addition for someone who has a farm or lifestyle block where she doesn’t need to be walked around busy paths with other dogs or people. She loves having a task / sort of training, but she is equally happy just hanging out on the couch.
Rosie is microchipped and desexed and up to date with vaccinations and worm/flea treatments.

Is Rosie used to children? No.
Is Rosie used to cats? Yes.
Is Rosie toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Rosie used to stock? Yes.
Is Rosie used to chickens? No.
How well does Rosie get on with other dogs? Not friendly.
Rosie lives in Christchurch, South Island.
A bit about Rosie’s personality:

Very smart and sensitive. Wants to do everything perfectly and gets flustered if she doesn’t understand a trick straight away, so it’s important to be gentle with her.
She can be very stubborn too though, so needs someone experienced with dogs who can give her the gentle guidance she needs.
Not a typical cuddle dog but has certain times of the day where she craves love, pets and play. Very focused on her owners which sometimes confuses others as she will often ignore commands that are not coming from the owners. When we got her, she accepted us as their owners very quickly though.
Generally a happy dog, but often anxious and fearful of little things, like water, dishwasher, fried eggs, … 🙂
She is usually very quiet and patient and won’t fight for your attention, is just very happy whenever she gets it.
A sweet and gentle soul who is just a bit too sensitive and anxious for her own good.

About me:

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