About Roxie:

Roxie is a medium-sized, female Huntaway, aged 14 years old.


An Appeal for Roxie, the Beloved Sheepdog

Hark! Attend, noble souls, to our plea, for we must part with our faithful Roxie, companion of fourteen summers, owing to ailments that beset upon us. Roxie, a huntaway of noble lineage, exudes boundless zeal, tempered with manners finer than the purest gold.

Behold the virtues of fair Roxie:

Enthusiasm Unbounded: Roxie, with her tempered demeanor, doth infuse mirth into every moment, be it a jaunt through verdant meadows or a repose by the rear door.

Obedience Personified: A paragon of virtue, Roxie heeds commands with utmost diligence, her loyalty unwavering, her conduct beyond reproach.

No Errant Wanderings: Roxie, true to her nature, strays not, her fidelity a beacon of constancy.

Gentle Guardian of Innocents: Roxie’s heart swells with affection for children, her demeanor gentle.

Suited to Rural Abodes: Roxie, with her shepherd’s lineage, finds solace in tasks light and noble. A rustic abode, with fields to roam and duties to perform, suits her temperament well.

If thou art moved by compassion and virtue, and seek to offer Roxie a haven of love and comfort, we beseech thee, make haste to contact us. Let Roxie find in thee, fair soul, a patron true, who shall cherish her as we have, and bestow upon her twilight years the warmth of love everlasting.

Is Roxie used to children? Yes.
Is Roxie used to cats? Yes.
Is Roxie toilet-trained? No.
Is Roxie used to stock? Yes.
Is Roxie used to chickens? No.
How well does Roxie get on with other dogs? Ignores them.
Roxie lives in Pleasant Point, South Canterbury.
A bit about Roxie’s personality:

Shy, quiet bark, enthusiastic around stock.

About me:

My name: Peter Oliver.
My e-mail address: poliver7@gmail.com.
My phone number: 021390123


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