About Ruger:

Ruger is a medium-sized, male Blue Heeler, aged 9 years old.


Hi, I’m Ruger. I’m a very special 9-year-old blue heeler, living with family, in Dunedin.

They say I’m just “a really cool dog!”

I’m neutered and fully vaccinated – with a booster due shortly.

In my youth, I was a competitive agility dog.

Tricks and training are my great passions in life! I enjoy keeping my mind busy – always learning.

That, and playing soccer – woohoo!

Sadly, this conflicts with my greatest talent in life – ball popping.

Even though I’m 9, I still ACT like a puppy.

I can promise you, with ME in your life, there’s plenty of butt wiggling to start the day.

A relationship breakdown, and change in living circumstances, means I’m looking for a loving new home.

I’d be happiest on a lifestyle block, or an active town home would be great too!

I need a decent walk morning and night. If you can take care of that, I’d be a good boy, in my own company, while you go to work.

I’d much prefer living as a solo doggy and having my own space.

You see, being involved with agility, and having lived with other doggies all my life, I much prefer doing my own thing these days – having that quality time with my human.

I’m fully toilet and crate trained – and I’m GREAT to walk on leash.

I’d love nothing more than heading out, with you, on adventures.

I’m a happy guy that doesn’t ask for much. I just love hanging with my people.

I’ll even try to yap away and talk to you sometimes.

My owners think, due to me being an energetic working breed, I’d be best in a home with older dog savvy children – not the tiny ones, as I get a little excited sometimes.

I’m great with all the kids I’ve met though.

I’ve lived with a cat before and I’m just TOO interested, so a feline free home is best.

I’ve never met chickens, but my owners think, having lived with ducks, this would be manageable.

When new people come to my home, I do bark sometimes but I’ll “shoosh” easily.

My family would like to trial me, for a few weeks, to make sure you and I are the right fit.

They do think I may be a little anxious, while getting adjusted into my new home, but with some love and encouragement, I’ll be fine.

So, if you’re looking for a loyal friend – and a soccer buddy that loves popping balls – please consider welcoming ME into your life.

Is Ruger used to children? Yes.
Is Ruger used to cats? No.
Is Ruger toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Ruger used to stock? Don’t know.
Is Ruger used to chickens? No.
How well does Ruger get on with other dogs? Not friendly.
Ruger lives in Dunedin, .
A bit about Ruger’s personality:

I’m a very sweet boy that loves tricks and training.

About me:

My name: Hannah Dawson.
My e-mail address: hannah_daws@hotmail.com.
My phone number: 02040165988


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