About Runty:

Runty is a medium-sized, male heading-dog, aged 2 years old.


Runty came from a beef farm in Taranaki where both his heading dog parents work. He was the smallest of his 6 siblings and came to our 2 acre block about 18 months ago. He had a series of epileptic seizures not long after we got him, he is now lightly medicated and has not had a seizure for 16 months. Lately he has become obsessed with his shadow and keeps himself fit by chasing this for a good part of the day. He also likes chasing cars out on the road from inside our fence, has worn a good track. Aside from that he’s well mannered and likes a good pat. He does get excited and will nose up to unknown small children but is well behaved around our family including our 4 yr old.
His vaccines are up to date and is desexed and microchipped.

Heading Dog
Is Runty used to children? Yes.
Is Runty used to cats? Yes.
Is Runty toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Runty used to stock? Yes.
Is Runty used to chickens? No.
How well does Runty get on with other dogs? OK.
Runty lives in Rotorua, North Island.
A bit about Runty’s personality:

Runty is a timid dog that has some issues mentioned above. He needs a lot of room to move and could use some company to take his mind off his shadow and car obsessions, either other dogs or a constant companion.

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