Patch is a medium-sized, male Heading dog that is 18 months old.

Fostered in Feilding

Is Patch used to children? Yes.
Is Patch used to cats? Yes.
Is Patch toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Patch used to stock? Yes.
I Patch used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Patch get on with other dogs? Great.

Meet our lovable and energetic friend! Patch is a social butterfly who thrives on human connection and adores being around his “person”. He’s perfectly fine with cats and chickens, and his high energy levels make him a perfect fit for an active family who can provide plenty of exercise and playtime. Having a buddy to run around with would be ideal, as he loves companionship – his current best friend is Oscar, the dog!

He enjoys a routine and is currently going to work with his fosterer on weekdays. With plenty of love and patience, he’ll flourish in a home that can provide the attention and activity he craves. He’s intelligent and eager to please, making him a great candidate for agility training or even “pretending to be a farm dog”!

Patch loves spending time on the porch, where he’s happy to lounge in his bed. It’s his go-to spot, and he’s content to relax there with a friend by his side. Patch is a skilled jumper and can clear high fences if left alone, so secure fencing and good supervision are a must. He’s learning to love his crate, and with positive reinforcement and treats, he’s making progress. His recall is excellent, and he’s a quick learner.

If you’re looking for a loyal companion who will bring joy and energy to your life, he might be the perfect fit!

Patch has been desexed, vaccinated, flead, wormed and microchipped. As with all our foster dogs there will be a $350 adoption fee and a property check and vet reference will take place.