Looking for a very special home for this slightly strange but very loveable boy.

Sam is a 1 year old male heading dog. He came to us at the age of 5 months, having spent most of his life in a kennel. Because of this he has developed an OCD behaviour to cope with his boredom and anxiety-he chases imaginary fairies. We have trialled Sam in a range of foster homes, most recently as a working dog, and have come to the conclusion that what Sam really needs is a home where being “normal” is not a requirement.
Sam has so many positives, he is a happy dog! Granted there are times when he is in his own world with his imaginary friends, but he enjoys this. When he is out on a run with the bike he has a grin from ear to ear-he does sometimes find fairies in front of the tyres, so needs to be watched a little for his own saftey…but he comes back beautifully when called, loves to swim, is learning to play fetch, and plays well with other dogs.
He is being introduced to stock, horses, cats and while he does show some interest in cats he is easy to call off. We have no fences around our house but he stays within sight.
He is very playful with his humans, and when he is not busy with fairies he will lie calmly on the deck with the other dogs.

His slightly less socially acceptable traits include:
*finding fairies in his kennel at night and barking at them (this has improved heaps, now is a sometimes behaviour and doesn’t last long).
*Being possessive of his “property” i.e. people he loves, and food. We think he would be best with a dominant, playful female, or as an only dog. This behaviour can be managed by removing him from the situation as long as new owners are aware of it. There are seldom issues when out and about, it’s only when he is around the house and you are sitting down with the dogs around, or if he has food in his kennel and another dog is near by.
*When he hears loud noises like chainsaws, tractors, dogs barking and the working whistles, or the radio going off, he will immediately head off to chase fairies. This involves running around the lawn, staring intently at the ground, circling a little, and then pouncing on the dirt. He will do this as long as the noise is going. You can call him off, but when he isn’t needed anymore he will go back to chasing.
*He has a tendency to be fearful of men and will bark when he initially meets new men. If he is left to make his own introductions he is fine.

Despite his quirks, he is a good dog and we feel he deserves a chance. There will be someone out there who doesn’t mind a dog like Sam, because he is a cute little weirdo. He will go free to his new home castrated, vaccinated and microchipped.
Ideally we would like Sam to go to a home with no children due to his guarding behaviour. He would love a home with a female owner, in the country. Bonus if you have a little room and a quad bike he can chase! But open to anyone who feels they could give Sam the life he deserves.

For more information, please RING (don’t receive txtx) Natalie on 027 453 0622.