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Sarge is a large breed male huntaway who has been with us for the past 10 years. Mainly working cattle. Sarge is a high country station breed dog. We would love him to go as a pair with our heading dog Tip who i’ve also listed. . Both are retired and have been for the past 8 months so maybe a dairy farm will suit them both minimal work js enough for a little exercise each day ☺.

Is Sarge used to children? Yes
Is Sarge used to cats? Yes
Is Sarge toilet-trained? Yes
Is Sarge used to stock? Yes
Is Sarge used to chickens? No
How well does Sarge get on with other dogs? Great!
Sarge lives in Country farm
Sarge’s personality: Sarge has a great tempermant but would rather ignore those he does not know. Once known he loves a good pat
Sarge is a Large-sized dog.


For more info, please contact Joseph Sandilands at moc.liamg@3sdnalidnas or call 0279094421