Two years ago, in September 2017, we left farming in the Hawkes Bay and sadly sold on our working dog team through a third party.

At the time we mentioned that we would love to have the option of taking Ben back when he reached retirement age. This is fast approaching, and as we have no idea who he was sold to, we are reaching out in the hopes that someone knows him, or where he has ended up. If he is happy and well loved and enjoying his retirement, then that’s awesome! But if his current owner is looking to rehome him then we would really like our boy back.

Ben is a tri coloured heading dog (tan on the top of his haunches (not much tan). He has a scar above his left eye (he tried to jump through a barbed wire fence) He is medium sized dog. He is trained on sheep, beef and deer. He was primarily used on deer on the farm we were on.

He is under command by both whistle and voice. He may have gone on to be sold with our huntaway at the time Quake (unusual name for dog so someone might know of this pair if they were sold together). He would be approaching 10yrs old now. Ben has a lovely nature and if he is still alive and near the end of his working life we would love to have him back.

Please, if you have any information about Ben, get in touch with Natalie at Retired Working Dogs, and she will pass this info on to us.

(027 453 0622 (RING please don’t txt) or email moc.liamg@sgodgnikrow.deriter)

Thanks in advance, Kathleen