About Seattle (aka – Sea-chan):

Seattle (aka – Sea-chan) is a medium-sized, female huntaway-x, aged 7 years old.


Hi, my name is Seattle but my friends often call me Sea-chan. I’m looking for a new home. Maybe you can help?
I’m a very good girl but I get scared of new situations. Strangers, especially if they approach me, make me nervous, and I’m not that good with other dogs. I don’t know how to play so well. But when I get to know people, I fall in love with them. And, they usually do with me too.
Now I need to find a new place to live. My family moved apart, and I’ve been living with Dad for the last 18 months in a small apartment, and going to his office each day. We realise that it’s pretty hard for Dad to have to take me out each morning, daytime and night to go to the toilet – he can’t go anywhere! When we used to have a back garden it was much easier for everyone. I think I’d like to live on a farm – or at least somewhere with some good space where I’m not going to meet too many people, dogs, or young kids.
I don’t want to be left alone too often. I want contact with the people I’ll belong to.
I’m probably best to live with experienced dog owners who have had some training and know how to behave.
Dad says the person who ticks those ^ boxes are going to be very lucky to have me. He says I could be the best dog in the world – and I just need a chance.

It breaks my heart to have to find Sea-chan a new home. She has been well loved and looked after, but our circumstances changed and I’ve found myself living in an apartment in the city. We’ve managed that for 18 months, but it’s not sustainable, and i can see that she can get depressed and understimulated.
In recent times she has snapped at people (rarely) and dogs (sometimes) when we walk past too close, and I realised the city isn’t the place for her. Due to that I’ve been taking her to behaviour training at Sea Spot Learn to help build her confidence and coping skills, and hds started a 6 month course of anti-anxiety meds to help her as well. This process has made me stop and think about what’s the best for both of us.
She has the ability to be a really good dog – she just needs some space and experienced owners who care. While it makes me incredibly sad to go through this process, I’ll be so happy to know I’ve been able to find her a new loving home. She deserves it.

Yours Sincerely,
Jon Randles (Seattle’s parent)

Huntaway X
Is Seattle (aka – Sea-chan) used to children? No.
Is Seattle (aka – Sea-chan) used to cats? No.
Is Seattle (aka – Sea-chan) toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Seattle (aka – Sea-chan) used to stock? Don’t know.
Is Seattle (aka – Sea-chan) used to chickens? No.
How well does Seattle (aka – Sea-chan) get on with other dogs? Not friendly.
Seattle (aka – Sea-chan) lives in Auckland, North Island.
A bit about Seattle (aka – Sea-chan)’s personality:

Dad says I’m very smart, very obedient, and have been through dog training. I always come when I’m called. I Sit, Stay and Wait, and even go Away when told.
I’m very quiet. I don’t yap, and don’t usually bark (except when strangers knock on my door or come towards me).
I LOVE chasing sticks and balls, but I’m not as young as i used to be and too much of that tends to make me limp for a while – but I always forget and want to keep playing!

About me:

My name: Jon Randles.
My e-mail address: jonemile@hotmail.com.
My phone number: 021325667


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