***RWD Foster Dog

(One of the loveliest old dogs I’ve met ❤️)

Shep is looking for a wonderful family to give him the retirement he deserves. This old dude came into RWD care after his boss retired, and in the short time he’s been with us, he’s charmed everyone he’s met. We would really like to find him a home within a couple of hours of Martinborough, as a long stretch of travel will be hard on his arthritis.

Shep is an 11-12 year old entire male heading dog. He’s in great health for his age, his blood tests were all perfect and his teeth are lovely. He does need daily medication for arthritis, and has eye drops too. These are not very expensive, and we will send him with a month’s supply.

He has been vaccinated, microchipped and registered. We won’t be de-sexing him due to his age.

Shep would love to find a rural home, he’s not up to working anymore (although he’d disagree), but we feel he won’t be happy in a town home. Shep also needs to have another dog as company, preferably a female as he is a real ladies man.

Shep has been great with my children, very gentle. He gets on well with all of our dogs, although better with females, as he does tend to try and be the big man around other boys. In saying this, he never fights with them, he just puffs up to start with, and walks around eyeballing them. 4 weeks into foster here, and he is fine with both of my bossy males, even sharing a bed with them.

He is one of those old dogs that still thinks he needs to work-spends a lot of time stalking the pet lamb who lives freely round our house. When she’s had enough she just turns around on him. Given the chance, I think he would also “work” the chooks and cats. He has shown no aggression towards other animals, and isn’t concerned with sheep who are in their paddocks (where they’re meant to be!). He’s easy to call off. He’s learned where home is and just hangs around the house-even though he could wander anywhere as we have no fences.

Shep needs to watched closely around horses as he will heel them. If they are away in a paddock he doesn’t search them out, but he is not trustworthy if they are loose around him.

This old boy has so much love to give, he has a real zest for life and really enjoys a good cuddle, and a walk in the evenings. He loves to follow the bike or cruise along riding on the back of it. If you are out pottering around, he is right there with you.

Shep will have an adoption fee of $150. As with all our foster dogs, property inspections and reference checks are required before adoption.

For more information, please contact Natalie at retired.workingdogs@gmail.com