About Skippy:

Skippy is a large, male huntaway- collie-x, aged 3 years old.


3.5 years old
Huntaway x Collie
Large size/ tall – 33kg
Video: https://youtu.be/Qe7gzWDhgKw

“We’ve known Skippy since he came to the pound when he was 6 months old. He’s always been an excitable and anxious dog who reacted to a variety of things. His past owners have helped Skippy calm down a lot, however their house and home got way too busy for Skippy to fully relax and maintain a calm state of mind.

Skippy will need a very quiet household with few visitors and lots of space. Ideally there’ll already be a confident dog there to play with and keep Skippy company.

Skippy loves his people, is very affectionate and is great with dogs of all sizes. He’s a sensitive dog but gets easily excited.
He’s lived with cats before and was very gentle with them.
Good recall, good leash manners.

Skippy will require a good amount of daily exercise (he’s had to have his vertebrae aligned before, so not suitable for competitive agility, repetitive ball chasing or similar ) in open areas to trot, sniff and decompress. Keeping car rides and town visits to the absolute minimum.

Lifestyle block or farm home ideal. Might have some working potential, unknown.

He’ll need to be calmly and sensibly introduced to new people he doesn’t know. Might be likely to guard the property. Dog experienced owners only.
Skippy is in foster care in Lake Tekapo at the moment, he lives with 3 other dogs and loves it.”

Skippy is neutered, vaccinated, registered/chipped, worm/flea treated.

Please note – we have an adoption process to match our dogs up to the home that best suits their needs. A property visit will be carried out to ensure safe containment. 2-week trial period.

Based in Oamaru, North Otago
Thank you for considering adoption!

Huntaway x Collie
Is Skippy used to children? Yes.
Is Skippy used to cats? Yes.
Is Skippy toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Skippy used to stock? Yes.
Is Skippy used to chickens? No.
How well does Skippy get on with other dogs? Great.
Skippy lives in Lake Tekapo, South Island.
A bit about Skippy’s personality:


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