About Sky AKA. Shorty:


Sky AKA. Shorty is a medium-sized, female, nz-huntaway puppy, aged 10 months.


Sky is a 10-month-old black and white, un-speyed Huntaway bitch. I took her on a little over a month ago as a potential working dog prospect to be a replacement for an 8-year-old Huntaway that I have. Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to spark her interest in chasing in the training paddock or a desire to work and as a working dog she would require a lot of time being put into her that I am simply unable to give her as I have other young dogs better suited to working. Any time given to her would only be at the expense of them.

She was born and bred on a cattle farm to working parents and stayed with them and her littermates until around 9 months old when I took her on. I introduced her to sheep for the first time and she was absolutely terrified. After a couple of weeks settling in, she bolted into a paddock while out exercising and chased the stock. After trying her again with training stock and showing fear of them, rather than a desire to chase, the decision was made that she had to go.

Very reluctant advertisement as she is a very loyal and loving dog and will give back tenfold what is put into her. I don’t really want to see her go but I have too many young dogs with a will and desire to work. She is not suited to working life but being a Huntaway is full of energy and would suit a home with plenty of acreage.

I would like the adopter to keep me informed of how she progresses in life as I really like this dog and would keep her if I wasn’t Shepherding.

Not looking for anything for her other than a good home and maybe a bag of Coprice Working Dog food for my other dogs.

NZ Huntaway
Is Sky AKA. Shorty used to children? Yes.
Is Sky AKA. Shorty used to cats? Don’t know.
Is Sky AKA. Shorty toilet-trained? Don’t know.
Is Sky AKA. Shorty used to stock? Don’t know.
Is Sky AKA. Shorty used to chickens? No.
How well does Sky AKA. Shorty get on with other dogs? Great.
Sky AKA. Shorty lives in Te Kuiti, North Island.
A bit about Sky AKA. Shorty’s personality:

Very shy and timid in nature, a new home and new owner will come as a big shock to her as I did but she will warm to you after a couple of days.

About me:

My name: Michael Rist.
My e-mail address: michael@michaelrist.com.
My phone number: 0275707719


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