About Spy:

Please note Spy is a RWD foster dog.

Spy is a medium-sized, male Smithfield x Collie, aged 1.5 years old.

Is Spy used to children? Yes.
Is Spy used to cats? Yes.
Is Spy toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Spy used to stock? Yes.
Is Spy used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Spy get on with other dogs? Great, would like to be the boss if he gets the chance.

Spy was purpose bred as a working dog, but his owner became ill and was unable to finish his training. Spy’s Father is a deer indicating Border Collie, and his mother is a stock working Smithfield. Spy was surrendered into RWD care 3 weeks ago and has been fostered by Dudley Harvey-Smith from Talking Dogs since then.  He has been out around training sheep over the weekend. Is more plain eyed, but is showing good natural instinct and is very keen to work. Under good command and comes back off stock when called. We are looking for either an active pet home or working (agility/stock/scent).

This is Dudley’s assessment of Spy:

Spy is a very good natured, friendly, highly intelligent, very driven and active young dog. He weighs 19kg and will likely fill out a little more as he matures. Spy is in excellent health. He is very confident, trainable, food motivated, and nose driven. He responds well to new situations. Over the past three weeks Spy has completed his basic training. He now looks to his handler for his cues, understands and responds to well to range of verbal instructions and follows hand directions. He has been trained to keep within sight range in the bush. Spy is good in the kennel, in a crate, in a vehicle and visiting a house or cafe. He has the beginnings of a retrieve. He is safe with children, cats and poultry.

Spy is looking for an experienced handler; he has lots of potential but is still young and inexperienced. He has good pack manners, but he is quite pushy and can get overexcited with strange dogs. Because he is very high energy and highly driven, he is not suitable for an inexperienced handler. He will
respond well to a skilled handler who can continue his education so that he can achieve his full potential. With the right owner I can see this boy going a long way in any job involving using his nose to find stuff, or in agility. He has not been assessed as a livestock herding dog, but his previous owner said the only real problem was getting him to come off stock. He was showing some eye and has a good bark.

For any questions about Spy, please contact Dudley Harvey-Smith (Talking Dog) on 027 286 8010

Spy has been castrated, microchipped, vaccinated and is registered for this year. As with all of our foster dogs he has an adoption fee of $350 and we will require a vet reference and property inspection from potential owners.

To apply to adopt Spy, follow the link below: