About Storm:

Storm is a medium-sized, male beardie-x-huntaway, aged 1 years old.


Storm was deliberately home-bred from some of our hardest working old dogs to replace them as they entered their twilight years. However so far, he has shown absolutely no interest in stock at all. Due to his lack of interest in working he has had limited “training” so is a bit of a blank slate for his new owners. He is very eager to please though and if he thought there would be treats he would fly to the moon. He is 1 year old and is quite small for a huntaway, has a grizzly coat and a waggy tail that makes him one of the wiggliest dogs our vet had ever seen. Trying to get him to be still enough for a photo was a mission!

Beardie x Huntaway
Is Storm used to children? No.
Is Storm used to cats? Don’t know.
Is Storm toilet-trained? No.
Is Storm used to stock? Yes.
Is Storm used to chickens? No.
How well does Storm get on with other dogs? Great.
Storm lives in Taumarunui, North Island.
A bit about Storm’s personality:

He is a super happy and energetic dog who really deserves a home who can give him some more love and attention as he’d obviously rather be a bit more of a pet than a working dog. As he is a huntaway, he does bark, it’s just unrelated to any stock that may or may not be around. He gets on well with our other dogs, and is usually out in a large dog run with several others during the day with no problem. He is easily bossed around by our fox terrier sized dog. He hasn’t had kids around, so I’ve said he is not used to them but I’m fairly confident he would be just fine. He loves food, is always the first one back into his kennel at dinnertime and his nose can be his biggest distraction at times, occasionally sending him on little missions around the place so I’d recommend a home where he is well fenced in, or in a kennel if no-one is around to keep him safe. He is such a lovely natured dog and he deserves a new loving home.

About me:

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