About Sweep:

Sweep is a large, male huntaway, aged 11 years old.


Sweep 11 year old retired chatty Huntaway

Is Sweep used to children? Yes.
Is Sweep used to cats? No.
Is Sweep toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Sweep used to stock? Yes.
Is Sweep used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Sweep get on with other dogs? Ignores them.
Sweep lives in WHANGAREI, North Island.
A bit about Sweep’s personality:

Sweep is a beautiful souled dog. Bright and funny. Soft and old. Retired old man enjoys making noise and running around. Retired one year ago. Is a great pet. Always moaning and gittering his teeth. Very emotionally entuned with me his female owner
His bad habits and reason for sadly rehoming him is he kills cats and kittens with no hesitation. He will stop if I say but his first reaction is to kill. I have pet cats but he has killed one of my kittens and alot of farm cats and kittens.

About me:

My name: Victoria Neighbours.
My e-mail address: vikk.2530@gmail.com.
My phone number: 021880192


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