About Tadger:

Tadger is a large, female Bearded Collie X, 12 years old.


Hi there, I am an utterly lovely well trained very high energy 12 year old Huntaway/Bearded Collie matron.
I am spayed, vaccinated a few years ago, and registered, can be very calm. I have a wonderfully loud bark, and get excited at guests.
In my younger years I liked jumping, and was occasionally transported in a child car seat (be careful letting Tadger in and out of cars if child car seats are present).
I’ve never hurt anyone, I’m pretty safe but not 100% around birds and chickens, and I love telling everyone about the nearest possums.
I am a bit scared of cows and cats, and after a few days I am totally chill with cats.
I may have a dry beef dog food allergy, pedigree chicken flavoured is the best store bought dry dog food for me.

Is Tadger used to children? Yes.
Is Tadger used to cats? Yes.
Is Tadger toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Tadger used to stock? Yes.
Is Tadger used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Tadger get on with other dogs? Great.
Tadger lives in Havelock.
A bit about Tadger’s personality:

Utterly lovely, best dog in the world.
High energy, I love going for long walks.
I weigh what an Alsatian weighed, 150 years ago, before modern breeding programs.
I have floppy ears and a kind nature. My dad got it right for me, he’s had me for 12 years, and it’s time for someone new.
Birthday, October, 2012.
My photo is a bit old but I look more or less the same with a few more grey hairs. I am a house dog that is capable of telling you if a stranger comes past.
I love playing with other dogs and have never drawn blood while play fighting.

About me:

My name: Mingus.
My e-mail address: baboeska@gmail.com.
My phone number: 027 911 4600


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