About Tama:

Tama is a medium-sized, male border-collie-x, aged 5 years old.


Border collie X

Border collie X
Is Tama used to children? Yes.
Is Tama used to cats? Yes.
Is Tama toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Tama used to stock? Yes.
Is Tama used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Tama get on with other dogs? OK.
Tama lives in Waipukurau, North Island.
A bit about Tama’s personality:

Tama has been living with us for just over 2 weeks, since his owner died suddenly. He is very social with people. Gets along well with our two female dogs, a border collie & jack Russell. But did snap at a little visiting male dog, that snapped at him first.

We have 4 children aged 2-16yrs and has been no problem around them. Although, I worry with very young children, if Tama has something in his mouth, like a ball, he will growl if you try to take it, I’m not sure if he would bite or not. He hasn’t growled at my children at all, but I haven’t let them take something from his mouth. Noisy/crying children don’t seem to bother him at all. Just looks at them, then goes back to sleep.

He has never been a working dog, and shows very little interest in our stock. Tama previously lived with chickens and a cat no problem.

He has been an inside dog, but since being with us has learnt to sleep in a crate. At first he freaked out tied up or in a crate, but now happily goes into a crate each night. I haven’t done much work on him being tied up.

Tama knows come and stay, learning sit. Barks when visitors arrive, but has been friendly to them. Tama has really bonded to me, so I’m hoping to find him a forever home soon-so he can get to know and bond with his new family. Mostly he sleeps close by to wherever I’m working-the garden, kitchen, feeding animals ect.

Walks are plesent with Tama being able to be either on lead or off. He likes to stay near so doesn’t run off.

About me:

My name: Chantel Crispin.
My e-mail address: chantel.crispin984@gmail.com.
My phone number: 068566794


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