Tawny is a curious, confident young pup, we believe she is around 12 months old and was bred as a pig hunting dog but has never been trained for this. She is pretty relaxed and easy to entertain, has adjusted very quickly to her new life in foster care, and would slot well into a family environment where she’s got another dog to learn from and play with.

Tawny is sweet, affectionate, goofy, and a little bit cheeky. She knows all the basic commands and is crate trained, and would benefit from an owner willing to continue her training and possibly even exploring some scent work, as she loves to use her nose!

In foster, Tawny has met other dogs, chickens and sheep. She is great with other dogs, learned very quickly not to chase the chooks (who she now sleeps with), and got chased by the pet sheep so now either stays behind the fence where she can annoy them in safety or ignores them completely! She is very young and still has some learning to do about life but is very clever and eager to please. If Tawny goes to a lifestyle property, new owners must be prepared to continue her training around stock. Tawny has not met cats.

Tawny has been speyed, vaccinated up to date, is microchipped and registered.

Recently Tawny has been diagnosed with urinary incontinence, she is being managed with daily medication and now only sometimes leaks urine when she is lying down sleeping. Her foster Mum says this is easy to deal with by placing a towel on her bed as she knows that’s where she is meant to sleep. We do realise that this may be a deal breaker for some homes, as she will most likely need medication for the rest of her life. RWD will send Tawny to her new home with a month’s worth of medication.

We would love to find an active pet home with another playful dog buddy, some older kids, and owners who will continue to expand on the basic training already in place. This pretty girl will make a lovely family member.

As with all of our foster dogs, Tawny has an adoption fee of $350. We will require a property inspection and a vet reference from potential adopters.

For more information, please email retired.workingdogs@gmail.com