About Tess:

Tess is a medium-sized, female Heading Dog, aged 5 years old.


Meet Tess
She is a loving dog, very affectionate.
Tess is 5 years old
She loves walks and having plenty of space to run and explore. It is essential that her new home has lots of space and/ or people who are able to provide plenty of exercise and stimulation each day. She would do well with someone who is wanting to do agility/ obedience as she is a very keen learner and enjoys a job.
Tess loves playing fetch with balls

Good with cats: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes (once she knows them)
Good with children under 10: no
Good with children over 10: Yes
Needs fencing at least: 1.5 high, but isn’t interested in escaping at all.
Can be left alone during work hours: Yes

Tess is well trained in the basic commands and has excellent recall.

Tess loves being around humans and will tuck her head under your arm at every opportunity.

Tess is loving and loyal and will make a great family Pet

Life situations have changed and we can no longer care for her

NB Tess has nipped a small child once while guarding her food, would suit older family

Is Tess used to children? No.
Is Tess used to cats? Yes.
Is Tess toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Tess used to stock? Yes.
Is Tess used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Tess get on with other dogs? OK.
Tess lives in Upper Hutt, North Island.
A bit about Tess’s personality:

Very loving and well tempered.
Loves people. Very Loyal and friendly

About me:

My name: Robert Hutchings.
My e-mail address: robert-hutchings@hotmail.com.
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