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This pup was home-bred out of two mainstays, destined for a great life. 3 of 8 pups made it through birth and the struggle to get them to weaning was fairly tough. Anyway, we managed to make it and each went to a shepherd on our farm. Greg was ours. Sadly at about 10 weeks old Greg was playing with another pup and ran off a bridge, shattering his back leg on impact. We made a pretty emotional decision to amputate and give him a chance at life. Three Peg Greg is the most coolest pup you’ll meet, he is now about 8 months old. He has a fantastic call back, sits and has impeccable manners always listening. Not interested in sheep what so ever (We intended to keep him as a flat paddock mustering dog)
Our cat and Greg hang out fairly often and he does not chase our chooks. Despite missing a back leg once he’s running you wouldn’t even know, not overly excitable. Quite relaxed about life. Very cuddly! Loves attention and pats, doesn’t bark. Happy in a pen or on a chain. Should lead fairly nicely. He is fairly rough and tumble whilst playing with our other pups so clearly his missing leg doesn’t concern him.
Hoping we can find someone awesome to adopt him and give him a chance at having a happy life. All up to date with vaccinations and flea/wormers. Difficult decision as he has become a pet but we have too many.

Please give Sophie a call on 06 3750563 or mobile 0272349529