About Tip:

Tip is a medium-sized, male Heading Dog X, aged 1 years old.


Tip is a lovely dog who hasn’t been able to join on on the farm work, and sadly he is surplus to our farm requirements. He has basic commands like get in, sit, on the bike etc and will stick with you out for walks. His brother and dad are great sheep dogs and his mum was best with cattle. He really needs something to do as a pet or team member on a farm. Because he hasn’t been out much I wouldn’t trust him with lambs or chickens unless you are around. Has been swiped by the cat so has a healthy respect for cats.

Is Tip used to children? Yes.
Is Tip used to cats? Yes.
Is Tip toilet-trained? No.
Is Tip used to stock? Yes.
Is Tip used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Tip get on with other dogs? OK.
Tip lives in Taumarunui, North Island.
A bit about Tip’s personality:

Tip has a lovely friendly nature, was the fav of the family in the litter as a puppy, obedient and keen to do things. He can be timid some times but generally easy to have around. Would do well as a family pet or with training could be a useful work dog as still young enough to learn.

About me:

My name: Diana.
My e-mail address: dehomersham@gmail.com.
My phone number: 0274862844


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