About Tip:

Tip is a medium-sized, female, Huntaway X puppy, aged 7 months.


Tip is a medium dog at the moment (27kg) looks like she’s still got a lot of growing to do

She knows all basic household commands (sit, stay, wait etc) she also knows a few hunting commands (stay in, heal, get up) she is very eager to please so extremely easy to train, we were originally training her to be a pig dog & she showed great sign, good at tracking, caught her own wee pig & was silent until she had the pig stopped than she bailed, held, bailed, held

We think she would be better suited to the farm life, living in town is not ideal for her as she needs the room to run around more, we take our dogs for daily runs between 5/10km but she could definitely run way further than that & still be ready to go. She loves running next to the vehicle or a motor bike, loves swimming, sleeps in a kennel every night

Tips been raised around kids her whole little life, her breeder has kids & than we also have a 12 year old & 9 month old baby

She’s registered, desexed, fully vaccinated, regularly wormed, just needs microchipped

She has been raised around cats, chickens & a goat & we trained her to leave all of these animals alone, but because they were our neighbours’ animals we can’t get certain that she can be trusted if left unsupervised around these animals, you would need to train her further if you own these animals, but I can guarantee she’d be easy to train permanently off these animals if she did show any interest

The ideal home for Tip, would be rural, either used/trained as a working dog or as a pig dog as she has great potential to be either

Tips mother is a pure breed working huntaway & the father is a terrier x pig dog

Is Tip used to children? Yes.
Is Tip used to cats? Don’t know.
Is Tip toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Tip used to stock? Yes.
Is Tip used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Tip get on with other dogs? OK.
Tip lives in Taupo, North Island.
A bit about Tip’s personality:

Tip is still a pup so is still excited when she meets other dogs

About me:

My name: Jackie Barclay.
My e-mail address: jackie.barclay89@gmail.com.
My phone number: 0275845096


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