*****Advertising on behalf of the owner************

Tip is a retired male border collie who has been with us for 10 years. He has mainly worked cattle but has done a little sheep work but would not recommend a home with sheep! He won’t work sheep and tends to run home!

We have listed our huntaway Sarge as well. These 2 have worked together for 10 years and I would love for them to go together as they are a team.

Is Tip used to children? Yes
Is Tip used to cats? Yes
Is Tip toilet-trained? Yes
Is Tip used to stock? Yes
Is Tip used to chickens? No
How well does Tip get on with other dogs? Great!
Tip lives in Country farm
Tip’s personality: Tip is a friendly natured dog but as he got older he tends to stick to himself laying around in the sun etc. He would suit a dairy farm as well minimal work will suit him.
Tip is a Medium-sized dog.


for more info, please contact Joseph Sandilands at moc.liamg@3sdnalidnas or Tel. 0279094421