About Wink:

Wink is a large, male Huntaway, aged 10 years old.


Wink is a very friendly and loves people. He has a bit of a funny personality, and will be a bit dominant around other dogs but is a huge sook if you tell him off. He is very eager to please people, and so gets upset if he feels like he has disappointed you! I suspect that his boisterous personality around other dogs would change were he to get neutered.
We’re a bit unsure how he would be around kids because he has not spent much time around them, but we suspect he would be good as he is a pretty friendly dog. Not sure how he would be around chickens or cats either.
Wink’s owner died suddenly in September. He is has been a good working dog for his owner, but has struggled a bit working for other people on the farm. We would love to see him go to a home where he could establish a bond with a new family.

Is Wink used to children? Yes.
Is Wink used to cats? Don’t know.
Is Wink toilet-trained? No.
Is Wink used to stock? Yes.
Is Wink used to chickens? No.
How well does Wink get on with other dogs? OK.
Wink lives in Darfield, South Island.
A bit about Wink’s personality:

Wink thinks he is ‘the man’ sometimes, but is also a big sook. He is very friendly and loves people, and very eager to please. He can be a bit dominant around other dogs, but I suspect that would change a little if he were neutered. He loves to work, but unfortunately since his owner died has not been working nearly as much as he wants to be.

About me:

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