About Zeb:

Zeb is a medium sized Australian Cattle Dog, aged 3.5-years-old.


Hi, I’m Zeb. I’m a 3 ½ year old blue heeler – and a unique character – living with my family, in Kurow.

I live with my best mate, Gus, who you’ll also find here.

My mum says I’m very special – an old soul.

I’m a prancy type. When I’m feeling happy, I’ll prance round the place.

I’m not puppy-like. I’m more of a serious man who thinks carefully about things.

For instance, first thing in the morning, I’m very much a detective. I’ll head outside to do a full patrol of my kingdom.

I need to check for any foreign scents – mouse pee, hedgehog tracks…

Whatever it is, I need to know about it!

I’m a territorial man – very protective of my property.

Anyone coming to the premises – couriers, electricians… it must be cleared with me first.

Mum always makes sure visitors let us know they’re coming, in advance.

Outside of my guard dog duties, I’m a playful lovely boy – that’s great with other dogs and people.

When mum’s ready to play ball, Gus is right in there, but I have my checks to do first.

I need to survey the area; make sure everything’s safe, before we start the fun.

Don’t be fooled though. I can be an impulsive guy too!

Sometimes I’ll take off with a sock or glove. I’ll pick it up and throw it around, having a great time – woohoo!

Then I’ll tease Gus with it to start a tug of war.

The other day mum sat Gus and I down for a chat.

She and dad are moving overseas soon, so they’re hoping to find us fully fenced loving, and active, pet homes.

The BEST of homes though – where we’ll be as loved, understood, and as adored, as we currently are.

Gus and I talked about it. We’d love to stay together but we understand we may have to say goodbye.

A cat free home, for me, would be best. I think felines would be a rather tasty snack actually!

I’d be happiest living with older dog savvy kids – not the tiny ones. Bit too full on for me.

I’m just happy snuggling up, with my human, all night long.

If you’re sitting on the couch, I’ll try and get onto your knee, lay on your chest and rest my head on your shoulder.

I’m a very good boy. Like Gus, I don’t chew or dig, and I’ve never destroyed anything.

Mum thinks daytime company, for me, would be best.

I can be left home alone for a few hours but just being such a smart boy and all… I really thrive with regular play and engagement.

Mum thinks I’d be happiest living as a solo doggy – having the full focus of my humans and that space to cruise and do my own thing.

She knows me so well.

For instance, I appear a little aloof sometimes. When she’s calling me, I won’t always come straight away.

You see, I have so much on my plate.

“Yes mum, I’m coming… just let me check this scent first… and I must investigate that one over there!”

Mum wanted me to let you know that I’m neutered, vaccinated, flea and worm treated.

So, if you’re looking for a fun, quirky guy – and you’re understanding about the fact I like to protect my property – I could be the perfect gentleman for you.

Is Zeb used to children? Yes. Prefers a quieter home.
Is Zeb used to cats? Needs cat-free home.
Is Zeb toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Zeb used to stock? Yes but needs more training.
Is Zeb used to chickens? Not good.
How well does Zeb get on with other dogs? Great.
Zeb lives in Kurow.
A bit about Zeb’s personality:

I’m an independent man and a lovely boy.

About me:

My name: Lyn.
My e-mail address: plmiller01@bigpond.com


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