About Zip:

Zip is a medium-sized, male nz-heading-dog, aged 7 years old.


Zip was born on Waitangi Day in 2012.
Free to an approved home only.

Zip has worked on big farms for two of my sons, but has been living with us in semi-retirement for the last four years.

He is still in great health but we simply do not have time to give him the exercise and companionship he deserves and needs. My youngest son used to take him for long walks on a lead, but has now moved overseas.

He would be ideal for a life-style block, or for a home with a big yard, or for someone who would like a smart, fit companion on those walks. He has always lived in an outside kennel and does not come outside, but is happy to lie on the lawn or deck while we are inside.

He is good with other dogs, he is wary of cats (one of ours has taught all dogs who have lived/stayed with us not to mess with cats). He also has been around young children so is not anxious or aggressive with them.

As he has been on a farm all his life, he is not micro-chipped. He may also need vaccinations. He was wormed etc about 3 months ago.

I can email through more photos, or go to my public post on facebook

Before I advertise him anywhere else… I thought I'd try my facebook friends… and maybe their friends…Zip was born…

Posted by Izzit Helen on Saturday, 18 May 2019

Is Zip used to children? Yes.
Is Zip used to cats? Yes.
Is Zip toilet-trained? No.
Is Zip used to stock? Yes.
Is Zip used to chickens? No.
How well does Zip get on with other dogs? OK.
Zip lives in Napier, North Island.
A bit about Zip’s personality:

Easy-going with other dogs as a general rule. Used to small dogs (that is, small house dogs that come out when friends visit).

He is gentle and affectionate – my sons did not hit him during his training or working time, so Zip assumes people will be kind to him. His sire is one of Rex Burkin’s dogs (sheepdog trialist). His mother is probably the smartest sheepdog I have known.

I will be very sad to see him go because he is intelligent, gentle and has has a beautiful nature. But he deserves more than we can offer at this point.

About me:

My name: Helen MacKenzie.
My e-mail address: moc.liamg@kcamtsneleh.
My phone number: 02041604000


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