We are always on the look-out for folk to provide homes for our dogs. The people listed on this page have applied to adopt by completing our form on “Application to Home a Dog“. They have all agreed to share their details so please don’t abuse the privilege.

Name Town Phone Full details
Deeanne Taylor Blenheim 0275066631 View
Jayne McMillan Alexandra 0274529634 View
Gina Roberts South featherston 0275524655 View
Danielle Davie Waikato 0211387902 View
Jack Campbell Ngaruawahia 07 8245329 View
Murray Kemp Port Albert . Wellsford RD 094237389 View
Mary Hamilton Waimauku, Auckland 0211693655 View
—Andre Delaurier Upper Moutere 035432244 View
Brandy Nelson 021870100 View
Bryce Dunedin 02102248976 View
Nicola Te Raki Greymouth 0279632356 View
Susan Jane Watson Taupo 0272388185 View
Cushla Donnelly Mangapai (Whangarei) 02102277911 View
Sam Brooker Whangarei 0276976372 View
Wendy Critchley Oamaru 021652559 View
Brendan Kane chorstchurch 021889404 View
Kevin Kelly Wellington 021 159 6093 View
Douglas Tottie Hamilton 0275121016 View
Andre Delaurier Tasman 0272236212 View
Roy Kingston Waipawa 069280545 View
Kevin Kelly Wellington 021 159 6093 View
Fergus Laurenson Waimauku 0210567862 View
Fridd Nathan Christchurch 0275130980 View
Caitlin Brown Christchurch 02041913962 View
Lorraine Robertson-Smith Hunterville 0272136657 View
Eloise Stevenson Auckland 0277034217 View
Jen Hanton Auckland 0272852853 View
Jade Wade Takapau 0221662740 View
John Watson Greymouth 0274140010 View
Lynne & Peter Lasseter Christchurch 02102688013 View