We are always on the look-out for folk to provide homes for our dogs. The people listed on this page have applied to adopt by completing our form on “Application to Home a Dog“. They have all agreed to share their details so please don’t abuse the privilege.

Name Town Phone Full details
Deeanne Taylor Blenheim 0275066631 View
Jayne McMillan Alexandra 0274529634 View
Gina Roberts South featherston 0275524655 View
Danielle Davie Waikato 0211387902 View
Jack Campbell Ngaruawahia 07 8245329 View
Mary Hamilton Waimauku, Auckland 0211693655 View
—Andre Delaurier Upper Moutere 035432244 View
Brandy Nelson 021870100 View
Bryce Dunedin 02102248976 View
Nicola Te Raki Greymouth 0279632356 View
Aimee Randall Canvastown 039723033 View
David Elliston Hokitika +10212629343 View
Dianne Wenzlick Auckland 0272014853 View
Trisha Russell Ruakaka 0273981911 View
Jeff Knight Huntly 0273638445 View
Tiaan Whitehouse Rangariri 02102327449 View
Sarah Tait-Jamieson Elsthorpe 06 8584117 View
Carol Cox Tai Tapu Christchurch 0276067715 View
Ann Rutherford Christchurch 0272220100 View
Caitlyn Thomsen Sanson 0274906621 View
Alaina Thompson Pukekawa, north Waikato 02108047999 View
Piers Pkiki Avery Maritanbough 02102497261 View
Rachel Johnstone Rolleston 0277270682 View
Lowen Puckey Huntly 0211417971 View
Caitlin O’Connor Wellington 0277130455 View
Olivia Holbrook Auckland 0274161971 View
Cathy Opie Auckland 021 02716424 View
Marcelle Vause Auckland 0276660184 View
Linda Koopman Wellington 045273019 View
Sally Dowdall Paraparaumu 0277334835 View