We are always on the look-out for folk to provide homes for our dogs. The people listed on this page have applied to adopt by completing our form on “Application to Home a Dog“. They have all agreed to share their details so please don’t abuse the privilege.

Adopter details

Hi, I’d like to adopt a retired working dog.

About me

My name is Emma Bostock.  You can reach me on: 0272227900 or email at bostocktrimmers@gmail.com. I live in Tauranga in our own property. I can walk/exercise a dog The dog is likely to be left alone for 2 hours per day.


I have 1 children 6 and above. At our property, we have 3 cats, 10 chooks, 0 rabbits and 20 sheep.
Details of other animals:

2 horses and some ducks, some young steers and heffers

We are interested in adopting the following dogs:

Shine and Pip

A few words about our property:

Lifestyle block down a long driveway unshared, section not finished so dog could escape if inclined.. plenty of open space. Im home but can go out on odd days. We have dry stock, ewes and young steers and heffers

Here is why I think we can provide a good home:

We have space for another member of the family and our 6 year old loves dogs. We also have a lease block of 100 acres 40 minutes from us that we have cattle on and although don’t require a dog would be nice to take one with us for a good run. Daughter Ruby would love a playmate so this dog needs to be good with children. Ive taught her since very little about how to be with animals and some of the dangers and thd fact that they can’t tell you if they have pain etc.