We are always on the look-out for folk to provide homes for our dogs. The people listed on this page have applied to adopt by completing our form on “Application to Home a Dog“. They have all agreed to share their details so please don’t abuse the privilege.

Adopter details

Hi, I’d like to adopt a retired working dog.

About me

My name is Linda Koopman.  You can reach me on: 045273019 or email at me2002@xtra.co.nz.

I live in Wellington in rented property.

I can walk/exercise a dog and I already have 1 other dogs.

The dog is likely to be left alone for 8 hours per day.


There are no children at the property.

At our property, we have 2 cats, 0 chooks, 0 rabbits and 15 sheep.

Details of other animals:

1 goat, 2 wild birds (peahen and Guinea fowl), and 14 cattle.

We are interested in adopting the following dogs:
A few words about our property:

178 acres.

Here is why I think we can provide a good home:

We are a bit of a rescue farm. 70% of all the animals we currently have on the property are simply pets, this includes the cattle, sheep and goat. Our landlord has given us some of these rescues including our current rescue dog, who is bearded collie/heading dog/huntaway x 2 years old, bitch, spayed. We LOVE animals. We give them exceptional lives. Our house is fully fenced and we never tether, chain, or constrain any animal. Our pup kash is lonely, we would love to find her a mate. We lost her mum last year so a male would suit, but open to any dog, any age. Must be good with our rescue cats and birds.