We are always on the look-out for folk to provide homes for our dogs. The people listed on this page have applied to adopt by completing our form on “Application to Home a Dog“. They have all agreed to share their details so please don’t abuse the privilege.

Adopter details

Hi, I’d like to adopt a retired working dog.

About me

My name is Sylvia Cottle.  You can reach me on: 0226497315 or email at sylvia.c.nz@gmail.com. I live in Gisborne in our own property. I can walk/exercise a dog The dog would not be left alone.The dog is likely to be left alone for 0 hours per day.


I have 1 children under 5 and 1 children 6 and above. At our property, we have 2 cats, 8 chooks, 0 rabbits and 0 sheep.
Details of other animals:
We are interested in adopting the following dogs:

Open to suggestions, under 6 years old, no adoption cost, I can train and out the time in if needed. Dog will be sleeping inside

A few words about our property:

Fully 8 foot fenced town house.

Here is why I think we can provide a good home:

I have my first born baby on the way. I’m looking for a dog for companionship safety and adventures. The chickens cats and other older child is my mother’s, the newborn myself and dog will be living here and also touring NZ in the camper alot for the coming years. I would.like to adopt soon to bond with dog before baby arrives in 3.5 months. Come from farming background working with working dogs. I’m down the beach for long walks and travel/ camp alot. Dog who would enjoy this lifestyle into he road and exploring would suit.