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On the main page of the website: Adopting -> Applications will take you to the forms :

Application to home a dog” (for people who are interested in becoming a foster home, or those who are looking for a specific type of dog that is not currently advertised; members of the public can see the contact details of these people and get in touch directly if they have a suitable dog. This shows up in the ‘Dog Wanted” page of the website)

Submit a dog for Adoption” (advertise a dog to be rehomed).

The ads for the dogs looking for a new home are set to expire automatically after 1 month. A member of staff will ring expired ads every so often to see if the dogs have found homes or if they need to be relisted. Likewise every so often someone will call the people listed on the “Dog Wanted” page to see if they are still looking, or would like their details removed.

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