About Krew:

Krew is a medium-sized, male border-colliehunter-way, aged 5 years old.


Krew is coming up 6 years old. Sadly he is not cut out for the working life. He is trained to work dairy cows but doesn’t always do as he is told and will chase a cow in circles and try bite their ankles. I’ve said yes he is fine with children but I’d recommend older kids from about age 10 and up as he does like to jump up for pats. No harm intended when he does this. He does still have his man bits but I’m willing to get these out for a new owner. The reason we are looking to rehome him is since he can’t work he gets bored and likes to roam any Chance he gets so we can’t leave him unsupervised with out of his kennel. And living so close to town he visits other properties and tried to play with their dogs and it upsets everyone. So sadly he need to go to a fully fenced place or somewhere he will be walked-run everyday and just loved

Is Krew used to children? Yes.
Is Krew used to cats? No.
Is Krew toilet-trained? No.
Is Krew used to stock? No.
Is Krew used to chickens? No.
How well does Krew get on with other dogs? OK.
Krew lives in Pahiatua, North Island.
A bit about Krew’s personality:

Krew is very friendly but can be a bit timid But once he knows you he will love you. He is mostly fine with other dogs. They usually pick on him so he keeps to himself. He has all the love to give someone and all the energy to burn being half collie so needs a home that will keep him active. He can be very cunning when it comes to wandering so a very secure section is a must.

About me:

My name: Kendell.
My e-mail address: kebdell_96@hotmail.co.nz.
My phone number: 0277664407


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