About Ruby:

Ruby is a large, female beardie


Ruby is a gorgeous Beardie pup (4 months old) that has had an injury to her left hind leg – the tibia fracture has healed well, however there has been early closure of a growth plate and fractures in the hock. This means that her leg is slightly shorter, and will stay shorter than her other leg. It also means that her hock is unstable, however this does not affect her at all at this stage in her life and is very comfortable (we are giving her another month of crate rest, and this may very well stabilize itself well) , you wouldn’t be able to tell. As we couldn’t guarantee she will be able to cope being a full time working dog on hill country, the owner is having to part with her and we are trying to find a home that understands her injury but has a block of land for her to be a “low key”working dog, but still get plenty of activity. We can’t guarantee she won’t need anti-inflammatory medications in future to keep her comfortable, but if someone is willing to give her a chance because she is so lovely and happy now, we would hate to end her life short, when she could be a fantastic lifestyle helper and family pet!

Is Ruby used to children? Yes.
Is Ruby used to cats? Don’t know.
Is Ruby toilet-trained? Don’t know.
Is Ruby used to stock? Don’t know.
Is Ruby used to chickens? No.
How well does Ruby get on with other dogs? Great.
Ruby lives in Waipukurau, North Island.
A bit about Ruby’s personality:

Bubbly, outgoing, smoochy and intelligent pup

About me:

My name: Lucy Dowsett.
My e-mail address: dowsett.l.a@gmail.com.
My phone number:


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