2021 Calendar


Calendars now available

Our 2021 calendar has been photographed by professional photographers who donated their time to RWD. The calendar has photographs of, and the stories about, 12 Retired Working Dogs.




Our cover photo is Minty. She had a full working life and was adopted, at the age of 12, earlier this year. She has adapted well to life as a cherished pet and spends many hours on her chair watching the world go by, moving only if something interesting happens or there is food on offer.

Cloud had a promising working career ended due to an accident which damaged his leg at a young age. While he still has a limp at times, he still runs and plays happily. These are just 2 of the many dogs that we have helped.

The calendar is $25 (excl. p&p) and measures 25cm x 25cm and has a photo of one of our Retired Working Dogs and their story each month. There is plenty of space to write on the calendar and the NZ holidays are included.

The calendars are now being dispatched.

All proceeds from the sale of our calendar go towards supporting the costs of looking after retired working dogs up and down the country.  Without your help, our job would be so much harder. Please contact us for larger orders and overseas orders.

Thank you so much to all the photographers involved: Belinda Pratt Photography, Brian Sheppard Photography and Lucia Zanmonti Photography. You did an amazing job!


Post and packing

If you would like to order more than 8 calendars, or order from overseas, please get in touch and we will work out the delivery costs.

Quantity P&P (urban) P&P (rural)
1 $7.00 $10.90
2 $7.00 $10.90
3 $7.00 $10.90
4 $7.00 $10.90
5 $7.00 $10.90
6 $7.00 $10.90
7 $7.00 $10.90
8 $7.00 $10.90



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