About Kate:

Kate is a medium-sized, female Heading Dog X, aged 1 year old.


Hi, I’m Kate. I’m a lively, and lovely, 1-year-old heading dog cross, living on a farm in Culverden.

I’m the sweetest around children. I adore the 2-year-old I live with.

I creep over and then stand up to give her a little lick on her face.

Cattle and sheep bore me, so I’m looking for a loving PET home.

My favourite part of my day is playing with my doggy farm friends.

I’m an energetic girl – full of life and fun!

I’m great with my crew, but I can be a little unsure when first meeting NEW doggies, though I’m not a dominant type.

I just haven’t met many new canines outside my pack. With gentle introductions, we make friends.

I’d be happy living as a solo doggy; provided I had daytime company. I’ve never really been on my own before.

My farmer thinks I’d make the ideal companion for another doggy, that needs an ultra-fun play mate.

I’d be happy on a lifestyle block or in an active town home – maybe as someone’s running or biking buddy?

I do bark when bored though, so I’d need decent exercise and something to keep my mind busy.

I’m still learning cats are not to be chased, so couldn’t really share my home with one.

I would be fine with chickens, if they’re contained – then I’ll ignore them – otherwise I could be tempted to chase.

When new people visit my farm, I’m always happy and want to engage them in play!

I WILL bark at cars though, if I see them coming to the farm. Then, they’ll be greeted with a waggy tail and plenty of excitement.

My farmer wanted me to let you know I’m not spayed.

So, if I sound like the ideal girl for you, please contact my farmer. I’d love to meet you!

Is Kate used to children? Yes.
Is Kate used to cats? No.
Is Kate toilet-trained? No.
Is Kate used to stock? Yes.
Is Kate used to chickens? No.
How well does Kate get on with other dogs? OK.
Kate lives in Culverden, .
A bit about Kate’s personality:

I just love children.

About me:

My name: Jonas Meyer.
My e-mail address: jonasmeyer951@outlook.com.
My phone number: 0273319062


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