CYCLONE GABRIELLE: Many farms along the East Coast of New Zealand have been badly affected by Cyclone Gabrielle. Communications are still extremely difficult in the Tairawhiti Gisborne region, Hawke’s Bay and along the East Coast of the Tararua and Wairarapa regions. We recommend you wait until communications are restored and fully functioning before contacting owners of dogs for adoption in these areas. Please be patient.

The dogs shown below are for adoption either through our foster network, or directly from their current owners whose details are provided in the dog’s description. Please use the contact details on the listing if you have questions about the dog.

This is not a buy and sell page although our foster dogs (and some dogs listed on behalf of rescue organisations) do come with an adoption fee to contribute towards their medical bills and the cost of their care. Please let us know if you are asked to pay an adoption fee for a dog listed by the current owner and we can talk to the owner or remove the advert.

For the most part, these dogs are either not suitable for the work they were bred for, or have retired from full work, so if you are looking for a working dog for full time use then please check the dedicated working dog buy/sell pages. Working dog breeds that have not reached retirement age are generally very active and need lots of of exercise. Be aware, that if they are not exercised sufficiently, they may show this by destructive behaviours such as chewing or barking, as with any high energy breed.

To submit a dog for adoption, please fill in your details on our form.  If you have a question about an existing ad, please Contact Us and select “Ad queries”.

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