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Downloading the Facebook Page Manager app (Business Suite) vastly simplifies monitoring the page, especially if you are using a phone or tablet.

MESSAGES: messages should be checked at least every two days, if not daily (ideal). For the majority of messages the saved responses can be used. These can be personalised or just sent as is. If there is a message which needs someone else to answer it, flag it with a star and get in touch with the suitable person. When replying to messages, take care not to promise assistance without first checking that we can help (i.e. enquiries other than how to advertise a dog). Some people may message to request an ad be taken down, rather than replying via email to the person managing the website ads. If you feel confident taking the ad down yourself, go for it, otherwise let the person in charge of putting ads up know. If you can find the facebook ad for that particular dog, edit the post to say the dog has found their new home by adding at the top for example: ** UPDATE: DOTTI HAS FOUND HER NEW HOME

VISITOR’S POSTS: these can be shared to the main page, especially follow up stories about RWDs. We try to encourage people posting about dogs looking for new homes, to place an ad via the website, which is also posted to Facebook. This way they can advertise in two places as well as being directed past a Donate button on the website, which may encourage them to support the cause.

NOTIFICATIONS: these should be checked daily; pay particular attention to posts that seem to have multiple comments on them; this can sometimes mean an argument is starting up that needs to be nipped in the bud.

HIDING COMMENTS: some people will ask sincere questions about why farmers can’t keep their dogs on farm. It is fine to answer this in a calm and non-judgemental manner (see on About Us, there is an example of an appropriate response), however if things are getting out of hand it is better to hide all comments that are negative. Repeat or overly obnoxious offenders will be banned, but this should be discussed with the trustees or social media board first.

The fundraising team will from time to time update their activities on the facebook page

Karen and Phil who manage the website will from time to time change the cover photo for variety or to suit current events.

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