Urgent rehoming

If, for any reason, you are running out of time and need to urgently place your dog, please contact our contact us and, in the reason section, select fostering.


Submitting your dog for adoption – things to be aware of

  • This is not a “buy and sell” page. We advertise on behalf of owners looking to rehome, not sell, their dogs. Help with transport costs is fine.
  • We will advertise ex-hunting dogs; however, we do not list hunting dog breeds – labradors, pointers or terriers etc – unless they were workers.
  • We’re happy to help rehome huntaways, heading dogs, border collies and kelpies that would prefer to keep busy and help on a smaller block of land.

Our primary focus is to help farmers and hunters find permanent homes for old, injured or failed working dogs.

If your dog does not fit the above criteria, we will refer you to a rescue/rehoming organisation, nearest to you, that can help.


Completing the form

When completing the below form, please provide as much info as you can. This goes a long way in helping your dog find the best possible home for their needs.

Please include a clear high-resolution photograph that…

  • Captures your dog’s personality.
  • Shows him/her unchained and outside the kennel.
  • Includes space around your dog, so we can easily crop the photo for social media.

Once you’ve completed and submitted the form, we review it. If our criteria are met, we’ll place your dog’s advertisement here and on Facebook. It’s helpful to follow your dog’s ad online, so you can respond to any questions.


Rehoming a dog – our suggestions

  • Ensure you do “due diligence” on any perspective new owner – a vet reference and a property check, either in person or via video.
  • Take your dog to your vet for a checkup to ensure he/she is in good general health.
  • Arrange a trial period with the adopter. This acts as a safeguard to ensure you’ve found the most suitable home for your pooch. If the adoption is unsuccessful and you are unable to take the dog back into your care, please contact us and, in the reason section, select fostering.


Once your advertisement is live

  • Your advertisement will expire after one month. If, after this time, you are still looking to rehome your dog, please contact us and, in the reason section, select ad queries.
  • If your dog finds a home within the month, please notify us and we’ll remove the ad.
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When you're re-homing your dog, we recommend a property check and/or references to make sure the new owner is genuine. If you have any doubts, it is best to err on the side of caution. Please let us know if you need help or have any concerns about anyone enquiring about your dog.

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Retired Working Dogs is run by volunteers and funded through donations. Whilst $20 doesn't cover the time spent processing adoption requests, it does go towards the medical and food bills we cover as a charity. Please use this opportunity to help us continue to support the dogs.

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