This form helps identify a future home for your dog by advertising the details and helping us make a “match”.

Once you have completed and submitted the form, we will review your details and providing everything is fine, add your dog to the list on “Dogs for Adoption“. Please note that our listing depends upon having a picture. If you don’t attach a picture to your application, we’ll have to hold your appllication in “Draft” until a picture is provided.

We use this list to match up people with dogs, but other visitors to the site may also want to get in touch.  For this reason, your details are displayed on the page.


Application to submit a dog for adoption

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Retired Working Dogs is run by volunteers and funded through donations. Whilst $20 doesn't cover the time spent processing adoption requests, it does go towards the medical and food bills we cover as a charity. Please use this opportunity to help us continue to support the dogs.

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