About Ace:

Ace is a medium-sized, male, Huntaway X puppy, aged 5 months.


“I found Ace wandering about on the street on my way home, and pulled over to the side of the road to see if there was anyone nearby watching him. As I approached him, he turned around and ran back down the driveway of a property and straight into the house. I wasn’t sure if that’s where he had come out from, so I decided to follow him just to ensure his safety.

As it turned out, his owner wanted to rehome him as they felt they could no longer look after him for personal reasons. They could not keep him contained on the property as it was not fully fenced, so admitted to neglecting to keep him safe, and were happy to transfer ownership to me as long as I could help him. During the conversation this precious boy sat beneath me, stared up into my eyes and took in all of the cuddles he could. I came back to the same property an hour later, gathered as much information as possible, and with consent from his owner I took him with me.

Ace is a Border Collie x Huntaway born in June 2022, exact DOB unknown. He is between 5-6 months old, affectionate towards everyone he meets and looking to be loved by a family he can call his own. He is crate and toilet trained, and responds very well to his name which reassures me that it won’t be hard to teach him proper recall. As a result of negligence of other basic obedience training, he is very mouthy. Paired with his baby teeth and excitable nature, his mouthiness makes him unsuited to a household with younger children.

Despite his biting tendencies, the combination of his breed contributes to his eagerness to learn and curiosity. With guidance, time and patience, I have no doubt that this beautiful boy would make a loving family pet in the right home. He currently weighs a little over 13kg, I expect him to grow to be a medium sized dog as he is quite small, but it is hard to tell because he is mixed.

This is his second night hunkered down at a trusted friend’s home, and he has already settled in. His curiosity is helping his confidence. I’ve already driven him in my personal car, and he has been very willing to jump in with my reassurance and motivation. I’ve been able to test what he is like around his previous owner’s cat, and coincidentally a cat he came across during a short walk, and can confirm that he would be suited to a house with a confident cat that can put his excitement to rest.

Tomorrow I will be driving him out near Hanmer Springs to further settle him into a loving foster home, who has been able to offer him structure, some basic training and socialization with other dogs and livestock.

Ace deserves a home that will ensure his safety and happiness for the rest of his life, so he does not end up in the same position again. Because he is part Huntaway I feel strongly that he would suit a lifestyle block, a farm to put his mind to work, or another rural property where he will not be punished for barking which is only part of his breed trait. If he cannot be taken to work with you, a part time job or work from home schedule is preferred. He is only a puppy and has already been through a big change at such a young age, he needs company throughout the day. Your property will need to be fully fenced.

He is booked to be desexed in 2 weeks time, microchipped, fully vaccinated and up to date with dog registration. I have applied a rehoming fee of $250 to cover the cost of his desexing, deworming and food top up. Serious applicants only please, if you are willing to pay for his adoption fee, this reassures me that you will be able to afford his ongoing care and maintenance.

Even if you have other pets in your household, I encourage you to get in touch as we are still exploring his wonderful personality. I honestly believe he would make an amazing and obedient working companion, or a doted on family pet, if he were only given the chance.

Please contact me at info@thinkpets.co.nz with the following information; work situation, lifestyle, location, other household pets, who you live with, previous experience with dogs and your honest intentions for Ace.

If this doesn’t sound like you, share this with someone who does. Let’s find Ace a place he can call home.”

Is Ace used to children? No.
Is Ace used to cats? Don’t know.
Is Ace toilet-trained? Don’t know.
Is Ace used to stock? Don’t know.
Is Ace used to chickens? No.
How well does Ace get on with other dogs? OK.
Ace lives in Waiau, South Island.
A bit about Ace’s personality:

As a puppy he is playful and cheeky and waiting to find more of his personality

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