About Ash:

Ash is a medium-sized, female Huntaway, aged 8 years old.


Ash is an older huntaway that still has quite a lot of life left in her. It seems like she is losing her hearing a bit but she could possibly just be ignoring me in her old age, it’s hard to tell. I do use hand gestures quite a lot to get her attention.

She doesn’t really come to work with me anymore as I struggled to get her back to her old self after I had farmed her out when I was overseas for 6 months. She’s looking a bit fat as she doesn’t get the exercise she used, which I don’t think worries her too much! In saying that she still enjoys a good 10-20 minute run behind the bike with other dogs and having a bit of a sniff around like most dogs do. So she really could do with a bit of exercise every week but wouldn’t matter if she doesn’t get much. Ash is a dog that needs VERY LITTLE FEEDING. (4 tux biscuits a day is enough). She’s quite a greedy dog when it comes to food and when she was younger she used to take herself off and go looking for any food she could find (i.e dead sheep). So she can’t really be left to roam by herself for long. I do leave her off with all my dogs and most of the time she will stay put but she will still sometimes go for a wander and I’ll have to go find her. A couple times I haven’t worried about looking for her as I know she’ll return. As she’s been getting older she does this less and less. She probably needs a fenced off area if you want to leave her off a chain.

She is still happy to do a bit of yard work if need be but doesn’t really take her commands anymore so would be better if there was another dog in there for her to follow. She’d happily be fully retired from work as well. She still will listen to her come back whistle so knowing how to whistle or use a shepherds whistle would help with calling her back but definitely not essential. Likes a pat, a little bit of exercise and a lie in the sun. Not a fussy eater at all.

Is Ash used to children? Yes.
Is Ash used to cats? Don’t know.
Is Ash toilet-trained? No.
Is Ash used to stock? Yes.
Is Ash used to chickens? No.
How well does Ash get on with other dogs? OK.
Ash lives in Wairoa, North Island.
A bit about Ash’s personality:

Ash comes across as a bit timid for a starter but she can still show lots of energy and run round with all my other dogs. When she was younger she used to show aggression to some other female dogs that she didn’t know. I don’t think this would be a problem now but it’s hard to say exactly. I’ve got 7 other female dogs and she is shows no aggression to them unless there’s a bit of meat or food lying around which is very normal! She’s always been very good with pups, they chew and hang off her thick neck skin and she doesn’t mind much. She get along with all my dogs and is always happy to see me.

About me:

My name: William McGregor.
My e-mail address: wim.mcg.is@gmail.com.
My phone number: 0278190790


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