About Axle:

Axle is a medium-sized, male Heading Dog X, aged 8 years old.


Axle – beautiful tri colour short haired Heading Dog X

Is Axle used to children? No.
Is Axle used to cats? No.
Is Axle toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Axle used to stock? Yes.
Is Axle used to chickens? No.
How well does Axle get on with other dogs? Not friendly.
Axle lives in Ashburton, South Island.
A bit about Axle’s personality:

Axle – has been the centre of our world since 2014. He is an amazingly smart and willing dog who is keen to learn anything new. He was adopted from a work dog litter but has never been worked.
In 2016 ( before he turned 2) he suffered an FCE (stroke in the spine) which rendered him fully paralyzed. We were asked to put him down.
We decided to try our damnedest and give him the best chance.
Both of us worked hard to get his legs going and we rehabilitated him using water therapy in which he learned to master full use of his limbs again and the rest of his body.
He was left with a slight clumsiness, a bit of anxiety and a lack of confidence with large dogs. Thankfully that was all he was left with after this traumatic period of his life and we have worked with these minor limitations.
He has been used to being our baby but we have had our own and he has not adjusted to the new addition and another is on the way.
He has found life with a baby very stressful and prefers to stay away which has broken our hearts as we are so used to him being at our feet and enjoying his company.
We feel like he is needing an environment that we can no longer provide – preferably no small children or other animals and plenty of walks with a ball being tossed.
He loves to be the one and only!
This is a hugely sad and painful decision for us and we want to see him go to the absolute best home possible where he can be happy and live his best life ♥️

About me:

My name: Natalie Williams.
My e-mail address: natalieanwenwilliams@gmail.com.
My phone number: 0273067922


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