Bailey is a sweet, affectionate and sensitive older girl who is looking for a patient and caring new home. We believe Bailey is a greyhound mix, and is somewhere around 8 plus years old. Bailey came to us from a very rural home where she did not get much in the way of socialisation, and so she has been learning about life as a pet while in foster care.

Bailey has come a long way, but still has moments where things are a little overwhelming. When new people arrive at her home she can be a bit unsure, and will often take herself away until things have quietened down a bit. When she first arrived, she was prone to escaping and disappearing from her foster home, although she always found her own way back (even after only having been there for a couple of hours). Now that she has settled in and feels more comfortable, Bailey shows no sign of wanting to leave the section, but new owners need to be aware that until she knows she is “home” she may be a flight risk.

Once Bailey knows and loves you she is very affectionate, she loves to sit beside you on the couch and enjoys a good snuggle. Not interested in cats or stock, good with other dogs and will play with her favourite dogs. Fine with children, they don’t seem to intimidate her at all. House trained. She will chase rabbits though!

We feel that Bailey would really enjoy a country home, where she can go for walks through the paddocks with her people and not have to go to dog parks or walk on busy streets. Another dog may help her feel more secure and she would enjoy the canine company. She will need somewhere secure if she is left alone in the initial few weeks, until she is comfortable with her new family. Bailey would really enjoy a home where she was allowed to sleep inside at night, she is quite happy in her dog bed although she isn’t averse to sleeping on couches or beds if she is allowed! Children are fine, most important for her are owners who will give her time and love, and help her feel safe in her home. She really is a lovely easy dog to have around, once she knows she has found her place.

Bailey has had a full check up including blood tests, she has been speyed, vaccinated and microchipped and is up to date with flea and worm treatments. As with all of our foster dogs, Bailey has an adoption fee of $350, and we will require a property inspection and a vet reference from potential adopters.

For more information, please email retired.workingdogs@gmail.com