About Banjo:

Banjo is a large, male Huntaway X, aged 3 years old.


Banjo is a 3 year old desexed male, his Mum is a pedigree black labrador and Dad is the farm heading dog x hunterway. He’s a wonderful natured family dog that is great around other dogs, cats, chickens, kids etc, not interested in working at all and has the calm nature of a labrador, he’s been an inside and outside dog, is crate trained (he currently sleeps inside at night) and kennel trained. He’s not a barker, but his big hunterway bark comes out at play time with other dogs or when he gets excited when heading down the farm for a run. A great, safe family pet. Will only consider a family that can travel to meet him, we’re happy to so some travelling for meet ups.

Is Banjo used to children? Yes.
Is Banjo used to cats? Yes.
Is Banjo toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Banjo used to stock? Yes.
Is Banjo used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Banjo get on with other dogs? Great.
Banjo lives in Otorohanga, North Island.
A bit about Banjo’s personality:

He has the laid back nature of his lab mum, is chocolate lab in colouring and has the deep bark of a hunterway but doesn’t bark excessively. He’s a lovely family pet, loves to play with balls, ropes, sticks or anything close by, he has a special trick of stacking toys, where he tries to get as many sticks or toys in his mouth at once, just like a lab, he doesn’t like water though!

About me:

My name: Trish Ambury.
My e-mail address: sunshinelane73@gmail.com.
My phone number: 0274756239


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