About Bear:

Bear is a large, male Maremma Sheepdog, aged 4 years old.


Bear the 4 year old lovable goof needs a forever home after being rescued out of the pound! He loves his family big or small, is extremely loyal and will always be by your side. He has the puppy look down pat which is irresistible. This is a Maremma Sheepdog and anyone interested needs to familiarize themselves with this breed and its needs. He loves people, playing, cuddles and doing his boundary checks. Enjoys being outside most of the time especially if it’s with his people. He also comes inside throughout the day to check his family is a ok. Being housetrained he sleeps inside happily. Bear is looking for an only dog home unless on a big property with his own breed. Sorry, no cats. Chickens only if they are contained in a safe area.
Lifestyle block or farms are most suitable but other country homes might be considered. This breed barks! He loves people and is good with children but care has to be taken with them due to his size. Good with livestock. He is desexed, fully vaccinated, deflead and wormed and had a vet health check. He lives in Canterbury near Timaru.

Is Bear used to children? Yes.
Is Bear used to cats? No.
Is Bear toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Bear used to stock? Yes.
Is Bear used to chickens? No.
How well does Bear get on with other dogs? OK.
Bear lives in Timaru, South Island.
A bit about Bear’s personality:

Bear is a great inside family dog who loves to be outside wiring the garden or the land with you. He doesnt like other dogs encroaching his space he looks after like the house and garden.. However he is happy to play with most dogs in the fields or the road. He is eager to please and loves to play like a big puppy. He doesn’t like cats or chickens other than to chase.

About me:

My name: Elke Evans.
My e-mail address: huskyelke@gmail.com.
My phone number: 021891019


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