About Bell:

Bell is a medium-sized, female Heading Dog, aged 2 years old.


Hi, I’m Bell. I’m a soft-natured 2-year-old heading dog, living on a farm in Ashhurst.

I LOVE running alongside my farmer while she goes biking.

We also take long bush walks together, which are so fun.

I’m a fast runner but I have great recall. I’ll always stay close and check my farmer is on the right track too.

My favourite part of the day is starting it!

When I see my farmer coming, I’ll jump up and down on the spot!

Then, once let out of my kennel, I’ll do a mad spin round and take off for a zoomie – woohoo!

And I’ll finish my morning ritual by trotting round and saying hi to everyone.

Yep, I’m a girl with a real zest for life. I even love taking myself off for a swim in the trough.

Sadly though, as much as I love farm life, I’m not too good at the working dog side of things, so I’m left behind while my team head to work.

So my farmer’s hoping to find me a PET home, with loving and active people.

I’m a pretty quiet girl, so she thinks I’d be happy living in town as someone’s faithful mountain biking or running buddy.

And you know the great thing about me? I’m not the type to fret when you’re away.

I’m a good girl in my kennel, so – provided I have decent exercise – I’d be fine moseying round your yard while you’re at work.

And I’d be happy living solo or with other doggies. I’m not interested in status, I just slot into my team of 12.

My farmer says I could easily share my home with a cat but I have yet to meet chickens.

I’m great with horses though. So, if you’re a horse owner, I might even be a nice companion to run alongside you.

And I’m excellent around children. I’ve spent time with a 4-year-old and was very gentle and respectful.

I’m just an easy-going affectionate girl. I’ll follow my farmer round and rest my head on her hand.

This is a gentle reminder I’m ready for a pat or a smooch under the chin please.

And I’m happy meeting strangers that visit too. I’ve never been territorial.

There’s only one thing I dislike in life – and that’s wearing clothes!

My farmer put a jacket on me the other day and I gave her this look… as if to say, “Why are you putting THIS on me?”

But, with some gentle encouragement, my farmer thinks I could easily get used to snazzy jackets and accessories.

She wanted me to let you know that I’m up to date with my worming and vaccinations but I’m not spayed.

So, if you’re looking for a lively loyal and lovable lass to join you on adventures, why not consider bringing ME into your world?

Is Bell used to children? Yes.
Is Bell used to cats? Yes.
Is Bell toilet-trained? Don’t know.
Is Bell used to stock? Yes.
Is Bell used to chickens? No.
How well does Bell get on with other dogs? Great.
Bell lives in Ashhurst, .
A bit about Bell’s personality:

I’m a sweet girl that loves life!

About me:

My name: Megan.
My e-mail address: meganpetersen921@gmail.com
My phone number: 0272571594


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