About Bella:

Bella is a medium-sized, female Border Collie X, aged 1 years old.


Hard working Bella needs a job!

I am Bella-Bella-Portabella…. Petit 1 year old Border Collie x Huntaway who loves nothing better then having a job to do. I am busy herding everything and everyone which is hardly surprising giving that’s what my breed all about. Recently I was introduced to chickens, I didn’t hurt them just moved them from one place to the other and back to their pen. I can’t say the same thing about cats – I will chase them. I am also good at supervising all gardening activities including lawn mowing making sure the lines are straight.
I love being part of the K9 Team, I have great recall, l love my food which makes me very trainable (Alert!). More than anything I love my humans, I am very loyal and willing to get my paws dirty.

I am putting my application for a job on a life style block where I can be your best mate and hard working doggie. I am desexed, fully vaccinated, regularly worm/flea treated, microchipped and NZCAR registered. Don’t miss this opportunity for the best employee ever!

With Love,

Is Bella used to children? Yes.
Is Bella used to cats? No.
Is Bella toilet-trained? Yes.
Is Bella used to stock? Don’t know.
Is Bella used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Bella get on with other dogs? Great.
Bella lives in Rotorua, North Island.
A bit about Bella’s personality:

Smart, funny, agile, fast learner, attentive, good listener, hard working, lovely and cuddly.

About me:

My name: All Paws Count Murupara Trust.
My e-mail address: allpawscount.murupara@gmail.com.
My phone number: 0211605329


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