About Bella:

Bella is a medium-sized, female Huntaway, aged 5 years old.



4.5year old huntaway bitch
Medium sized dog – around 20kg

Bella is a kind, gentle dog who will bond with one person and then will be their friend forever.
She is good with other dogs, cats, chickens, stock and horses but has limited experience with kids (just keeps her distance, no indication she would bite).
Being a huntaway she does have a good bark on her but has an equally good ‘quiet’ command that she respects. Excellent call back and heel, so great off lead too.
Due to her somewhat shy nature she needs a safe space she can go to chill out e.g. a cozy kennel or bed in a secluded spot.
Bella has been out and about loads – beach, forest, hunting in the bush and to the odd rugby game (but she didn’t like all the noise so preferred to wait in the car!). Loves to swim in fresh water.
Doesn’t bark in her kennel unless bothered by something, like the pet sheep or other dogs barking.
She is in great condition with good teeth. Generally a clean dog.
Bella loves to run when out an about so will need someone who is confident in letting their dog off the leash. She doesn’t play with toys, but will play with you and other dogs too. She equally loves a quiet cuddle, where she will quite happily invade your personal space to get as close as possible!

Bella is looking for a new home due to being too inconsistent with her farm work. Because she is shy around new people she will need someone who is willing to put in the work with her over the first few weeks to develop a bond. Then she will be your best mate.

A home with at least one other dog or a person home a lot would be best.

If possible a trial period of 4 weeks before either party commits.

Is Bella used to children? Yes.
Is Bella used to cats? Yes.
Is Bella toilet-trained? No.
Is Bella used to stock? Yes.
Is Bella used to chickens? Yes.
How well does Bella get on with other dogs? OK.
Bella lives in Waipukurau, North Island.
A bit about Bella’s personality:

Shy but loves to play and run!

About me:

My name: Christy Chapman.
My e-mail address: christymae08@gmail.com.
My phone number: 0211537387


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